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Magical Thorn: Act 9, Page 4

Magical Thorn: Act 9, Page 4 published on 9 Comments on Magical Thorn: Act 9, Page 4

Cal: I feel fine today, Uncle Kudzu! Why can’t I go to school today?

Kudzu: Because there are some scary people looking for me, Calyx — and they know about you. Like the guy at the playground yesterday, remember?

Cal: Aw, I thought he seemed nice.

Pascentia: No, Kale isn’t in any of my extracurriculars — the sports team, horseback riding, language club, ballet, fencing, or swimming . . .

Alfhild: I worked on one project with the guy, and you think we’re besties now? Lolz.

Delphinium: Don’t know why you’d ask me, darling, I’m hardly the poor boy’s handler.

Annie: Nooo, he hasn’t been seen up ’round my neck of the woods. . . . Assuming you mean the fellow in the photo there, not the otter in this here otter meme.

Tiernan (thinking): At least Leif feels healthy enough to go to school as usual!

Leif (thinking): Maybe if I stick to my routine, I can still be bait.

Dex: Excuse me! I was just eavesdropping on your conversation, and I couldn’t help but overhear!

You want to know where Kale can be found when he’s not at school . . . ?

Cal: PLEASE please please please can we at least go there PLEASE?

Kudzu: All right, all right! We can go on one trip to the pet store.

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Kale must’ve flirted* with this universe’s Hermosa too many times for D10’s liking to sell out Kale’s location that fast and with that look on their face.

*read as “was nice/friendly in Hermosa’s general direction”

“That guy at the playground yesterday” – wait, WHAT?!

Some days I think “oh, there’s no need to make the characters recap what happened in the chapter right before this one“, and other days I’m glad I do anyway!

Dex not even trying to make like they weren’t blatantly listening to someone else’s conversation. lol

Why would they hide it? From Dex’s perspective: The Star Knights were having a conversation in a public place, and Dex is offering relevant information! Even if The Star Knights WERE upset that someone was close enough to overhear:
1. That’s on THEM for poor situational awareness.
2. surely the information is more important any perceived discourtesy, right?

Hmmmm… I can’t tell if you’re trolling me or if you really have never heard that most people consider deliberate eavesdropping to be rude.

to clarify: I am not deliberately trolling you, but rather presenting what I feel would be Dexie’s opinion on the matter. They have no reason to disguise that they WERE dropping eaves, as it were, because they KNOW that the Star Knights would want this information.

Additionally there may be other rules that Magical Agent Dexippus is adhering to, here, e.g. instead of rolling up in their capacity as a member of the Darker and Edgier Magical Girls, they’re approaching in their civilian guise so as not to blow their own cover, and/or so the Star Knights don’t think their cover has been blown.

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