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Map of Ceannis

Map of Ceannis published on 8 Comments on Map of Ceannis

The major countries of Leif & Thorn. With a hat tip to Amit Patel’s map generator.

Sønheim extends much farther north – it goes up and over the pole of the planet – but the majority of its residents live in the area shown here. (It’s like Canada that way.) There’s also a bit of Ceannis to the north. For scale, the portion seen here is comparable in size to the US; that lake in the middle, with the city of Central at its border, is approximately the size of Ohio.

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Making some predictions.

The United Islands are a mercantile nation built around sea trade with multiple offshore banking havens for various nations, and are seen as a land of adventure and opportunity where any clever bastard can make a quick fortune. Unfortunate their government is completely bought out and their various island member-states bicker like children.

The northern tribes will be used as a proxy to seize control of the region either by a confederacy of vampires or the Sonheim government, resulting in a not-so-pretty look in the mirror for Ceannis over how it treats said tribes.

I can totally see this as what a map of the world with Ceannis as it’s center looks like, but I bet anything the a world map of Sønheim looks more like a polar projection of the world, just like world maps in Russia place Russia in the center and divide the American continets in half.

This is a Ceannis-centric map, all right. It’s even rotated the traditional Ceannic way — “north” isn’t straight up, it’s about 40 degrees counterclockwise from that. (That way, the line between “known inhabited regions” and “mysterious mountain/impassable desert regions” is mostly-horizontal, which makes for easy cropping.)

Sønheim definitely uses polar projections. The kind where, as you get more distant from the pole, everything gets squished due to perspective. The United Islands overlap the equator — they’re gonna get cut off, poor guys.

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