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Meanwhile In The North 7/10

Meanwhile In The North 7/10 published on 10 Comments on Meanwhile In The North 7/10

January exclusive wallpaper for supporters is out! Comes in two color palettes, since I ended up really fond of both.

Wallpaper preview in home with plants

Dagny (thinking): Ooh — I’m hungry. Mom didn’t leave dinner, and I don’t want to wake up Dad . . .

Dagny: “This is å kitchen.” “I am üsing å knife.” “I am cøøking å sandwich.”

Dagny (thinking): . . . Sveta didn’t leave dinner, and I don’t want to wake up Bjarte. That’s what I meant.

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I mean… Just because you have First Parents, doesn’t make Sveta and Bjarte Fake Parents. though its an understandable barrier to want to put up when you don’t want to drag innocents into your “crimes”.

I disagree that this is understandable. Not dragging innocents into her ‘crimes’ means maintaining the pretense of being a normal little girl so Sveta and Bjarte can keep their status as unwitting accomplices with plausible deniability. And that in turn means calling them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, not using their names. She’s only using their names in her internal dialog now, but if that becomes a habit, she’s liable to slip when talking. In short, this situation calls for method acting.

I think this is one of those things which is really easy to understand or hard to, depending on ones perspective.

If one is looking to reduce the guilty feelings one has for putting people in jeopardy, it’s understandable that one wants to distance oneself from those people.

If one is attempting to minimize the jeopardy one puts people into, it’s best to get into the mindset that poss them the least risk.

The two are completely at odds with each other. She’s doing the former because it’s easy and I suspect even though she’s a longrunner, she’s still a kid. She may have a sophisticated soul that’s trying to carry the weight of the world, but her brain is still developing.

Most kids are hardwired to cling because they need us to survive… and that’s not just a conscious level thing. They need us to be attached to them so we’ll care what happens to them so there’s stuff buried way further down that pushes them to be physically and emotionally close to us. I’d assume long runners would still get hit by some of the lower down stuff, even if their conscious mind isn’t sending them the same “you need these people to be safe” signals.

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