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Memorable Sparring

Memorable Sparring published on 7 Comments on Memorable Sparring

A quick follow-up to “Expert, Witness“, now that we have more detail about Dr. Glazier’s backstory.

Delphinium (thinking): The mission to escort Dr. Glazier was a success — and yet, it felt “off” somehow. I can’t think why. Perhaps a good workout session will clear my head.

. . . how odd. It’s awfully dark over in that corner . . .

Woman in Black: Hey, Agent D! Want to spar?

Del: You! Aren’t you — my usual partner? Wait, don’t tell me . . . Bilberry? Ebony? Rosemary? Marguerite?

WiB: Some of those are sort of close!

Del: Why did you sit out this last mission?

WiB: Seriously? You were guarding a woman who had her mind tampered with!

How would she feel every time she re-realized that one of her guards was being scrubbed out of her memory? . . . I assume not good, which is why I didn’t even try.

Del: Oughtn’t you to just not erase her memories of you, Pillsbury?

WiB: Gee! Brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of that??

Del: . . . You can’t turn it off, can you.

WiB: If I could, you wouldn’t be calling me “Pillsbury”.

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…I’m starting to think Acai’s a dick.

This is confirmed by Present!Acai. However, I’m guessing it’s more of a “if you turn it off while still chrono-displaced, we CAN’T turn it back on for you because now you’re making history.”

Future!Thorn got to past without the spell at all. Most likely, it’s not completely impossible, but very risky … and possibly hard to do. Like, maybe it needs several high-level mages to re-cast the spell. And none of them are in present.

At no point did I say you had to be unmemorable to go to the past. Future!Thorn’s Mission to The Past is off the books, without Acai’s support, and he has mentioned himself several times that he has to be careful to avoid timeline-shredding paradoxes. He had to tell Present!Holly not to tell Present!Thorn about Future!Thorn.

What I AM saying is something about WiB’s situation may preclude the spell being re-applied. It requiring high-level casters may be an issue, butI don’t think that’s supported by the text. WiB forms the sentence as “…future-you gave me the whole pitch when you spelled me.” not “Future!Acai mentioned that when I was spelled.” Acai may have been a co-ordinating head caster or something, but I think that Acai could redeploy the spell on her own, were something else not the issue, seeing as Time Manipulation is something she’s well known for; See Grassy Knows Her History page 26/29 and Kudzu Roots page 28/35.


Maybe Present!Acai is too weak due to age or disease at this point in time, and she’s the ONLY caster who can.

…Actually, what if this is all just a way to get Acai and Rho back together? Is it petty? Yes. But if you’ve got time powers and that many reincarnations, I’d bet good money you’d get pretty fucking sick of the constant reruns. Probably disguising it as, “I organize all this to bring them back. See? My intentions were good.”

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