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Message Received 4/8

Message Received 4/8 published on 10 Comments on Message Received 4/8

Hey look, an in-universe excuse to stick with the nickname this character already had!

Thorn: Is there anything I can get for you?

Chartreuse: You can pay for my drink! Thanks.

Anything else will have to wait until I review the chip. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Estragon.

Thorn: Same to you, ah — Sorry, what should I call you? I didn’t catch it.

Chartreuse: Ahh, in the business they call me “Chartreuse.” But if we’re going to talk again, I’ll call you.

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…Thorn’s chain of command knows he’s playing this game, right? Like, they know he’s actively funneling information to this group?

Given his past diligence, I’d say it’s highly likely. Then again…he is in love so who knows. I imagine that if not for the prophecy stuff he would have been pulled long ago for conflict of interest or whatever.

Even without the prophecy (which may mean that the “conflict of interest” is EXACTLY why he’s there) there is some chance that the higher-ups would decide to take advantage of the situation. Sure, it’s risky, but it can also be an opportunity.

Is the ear piece a hearing aid or a bluetooth device? (though I wouldn’t be surprised if the tech was cool enough to be both)

heck, we have that tech now (sort of)! My dad has a little bluetooth pendant that lets his phone interface with the circuitry in his hearing aids.

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