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Modern AU Pride Chibis

Modern AU Pride Chibis published on 8 Comments on Modern AU Pride Chibis

Schedule-filling bonus doodles. From the present-day not-a-coffeeshop AU, because that was the only way they’d have a parade at all, let alone recognizable flags.

(Ivy’s flag.)

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Leif: These translate as the same word in my language . . . do you think anyone will be mad if I wear both?
Thorn: This is a Pride parade, not a Nitpick parade.

Sign: I Love My Two Moms


Del: Anybody gives you any grief, darling, just call and I’ll fight them for you.

Sign: Proud To Be [blur]

Sign: Im In UrM1l1tary Queerin Ur Tr00pz

Sigrún: . . . No.

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