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Night Out 10/21

Night Out 10/21 published on 10 Comments on Night Out 10/21

In our world, that’s the ASL sign for “thank you.” In Ceannis, it’s a standard gesture of gratitude/respect.

Water spirits are in all the pipes around here. Fortunately for everyone’s privacy, they only pop out when you invite them to.


Thorn (thinking): Wonder if the Sønheic embassy also has water spirits in their plumbing.


Spirit: ??

Thorn (thinking): . . . and if they’re as cute as ours.

Spirit: !!

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Is it offering it’s belly for tummy rubs? Oh geez, that’s cute. Erin, you have made people d’aw again. good job! If water sprites convocate, can they stop up a pipe, or, does the water circulate/pass through them unimpeded normally?

Normally they’re the ones that cause the water to circulate — but they can stop it, too, and the nice ones will do that when a water main breaks.

(You really, really want to filter your municipal plumbing system so that only nice water spirits get in.)

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