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Night Out 11/21

Night Out 11/21 published on 3 Comments on Night Out 11/21

Thorn: Could’ve studied to work with spirits like you, if I’d wanted . . .

Had a water affinity when I was a kid! I could’ve followed up on that. Turned into a plumber or something.

Water spirit: ??

Thorn: Well, y’see, I also had an affinity with swords . . . and in that, I really wanted to be like Mom.

Rowan’s apartment.

Rowan: Could’ve studied to be a physicist, if I wanted . . . That was the good part of being a sparkly-eyed fourteen-year-old! I was a prodigy. Won awards. Scholars thought I was great.

Florian: So why did you give it up?

Rowan: Isn’t it obvious? Because cute guys dig knights.

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A thought occurs to me:
Could anyone ‘call out’ the water spirits, or is this a lingering vestige of Thorn’s water affinity?

Anyone can make the faucet come on (it would be a pretty rough plumbing system if they couldn’t!). But Thorn’s ability here to interact with the water spirits, play with them and have them respond, is a water-affinity thing. (Same with Grassie, in the flashback storyline, calming down the fire spirits in the heating system.)

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