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Night Out 12/21

Night Out 12/21 published on 8 Comments on Night Out 12/21

Rowan/Florian: ♥ ♥ ♥

Florian: Hey, who’s–?

Rowan: Hm? That’s Violet. Roommate, fellow knight, great sparring partner.

Hey, Violet!

Violet: Hi, Rowan.

Rowan: How’s your evening been?

Violet: Quieter’n yours, sounds like.

Shut that door!

Rowan/Florian: ♥ ♥ ♥

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You really need a like button. Or some feature other than me typing out LMAO when you have a particularly funny line.

Violet is A) my new favorite and B) hopefully aroace???

…y’know, I’m not gonna make any declarations of what Violet’s orientation is or isn’t right now, but this kind of conflating general human attitudes with a specific orientation really bothers me =/

It’s like if someone had reacted to a strip about Rowan sleeping around a lot with “hopefully pan???” I’m not saying he isn’t, I’m just saying, that character trait is not an indication of his sexuality! Same thing for Violet and “being totally unimpressed about her promiscuous roommate bringing home another catch.”

Less conflation and more identifying with her as a character, tbh. I’m aro and its not often I see people react to romance/sex the same way I do, in media or in real life.

I’m honestly surprised you haven’t seen other characters like this! The “expressive, outgoing character + low-key, unimpressed character” duo isn’t exactly a rare or original concept…

And, like, it’s great to identify with characters who have similar personality traits, it’s just the leap to “hopefully this is a signal that we also have the same sexual orientation” that rubs me the wrong way.

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