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Night Out 13/21

Night Out 13/21 published on 6 Comments on Night Out 13/21

Florian: Mmm . . . that was such a rush! You’re really good at this!

Rowan: You’re not so bad yourself.

Florian: It’s like our auras were totally in sync.

Rowan (thinking): Uh-oh. Don’t say anything, don’t say anything . . .

Florian: I never used to reach that! But then I took a course on how to control mine!

Rowan (thinking): Stars, help me be strong —

Florian: And you were into physics — you must know more about it than I do!

Rowan: YES! I know more about auras than you! Like anyone with sense, I understand that that is not at all how they work!!

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So is the pop literature about auras in this world like the pop lit about auras in our world, disregarding the fact that in this world they are a scientifically measurable thing?

It’s most like the groups in our world who will go on about the magical/spiritual properties of electrical fields, or magnetism, or whatever. Where it’s a real thing that gets taught in school, but some people are just using the words to put a gloss of seriousness on stuff they’ve made up.

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