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Night Out 15/21

Night Out 15/21 published on 13 Comments on Night Out 15/21

First reference to in-universe literature! More of those to come….


Rowan: Why can’t they ever hide their complete ignorance better? Or at least, reveal it before we’ve already jumped into bed?

Violet: You just got to be more proactive about filtering out the boys who aren’t as insufferable . . .

I mean, as intelligent . . . as you are. Me, I ask a person if they’ve read the Epic of Rhódon, and they better answer right.

Rowan: Doesn’t everyone read that at some point? I had it in sixth-year Ceannic class.

Violet: Not in the original Middle Ceannic, you didn’t.

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Is Rhódon the knight or the dragon?

The knight! It’s an archaic word for “Rose”, in keeping with the name scheme. (Common nouns are so helpful for this. In Sønheim they translate her name as Rózsa.)

[…] probably only see them in proper nouns that date back centuries, e.g. Rhódon (the mythohistorical epic hero), Aibreán (the majority ethnic group), or Iùlag (a constellation, the […]

is this an automatic response to the use of certain keywords, like “Middle Ceannic?”

It’s an automatic response to this comic being linked within the text of that post. (It’s a lot more useful when you get pingbacks from posts on other websites, instead of pingbacks from…your own front page.)

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