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Night Out 16/21

Night Out 16/21 published on 10 Comments on Night Out 16/21

Violet: You have fun the rest of the night, at least?

Rowan: Yeah . . . Except for this one depressing tangent. Did you know, one of Thorn’s moms was stationed on the Margaid?

Violet: . . . No, she wasn’t.

Rowan: Huh?

Violet: Clover Estragon, yeah? Saw her in a military history book one time.

If she served on the Margaid, I would’ve remembered. No, she retired, like, ten years before it went down.

Rowan: But . . . I coulda sworn Thorn said . . . why would he lie?

Violet: Maybe his mom faked her death and went off to be a pirate.

Rowan: Nah. . . . You think?

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Interesting. Should we take this to imply that Ceannis has a singular military force without branches to specialize in providing for a specific mission?

No, they do. The various orders of knighthood are their own thing, and can cover any specialty — Thorn would refer to himself as “in the Order of the Chalice” rather than “in the Army” — but in practice, he and his team are like a specialized army unit, and there are other teams of knights who would be sent on seagoing missions.

Clover, meanwhile, wasn’t a knight at all, just a fairly high rank in the regular Navy.

Or, applying Occam’s Razor, she wasn’t in active service while on the cruise, but like any good soldier, regardless of active service, ran towards the fight in an impulse to protect people.

The thing that Thorne specifically has a problem with active duty relationships, and the way these two are talking his mom was either retired and Thorne doesn’t somehow know, or she was en route to a new posting, but again the way these two are talking puts a crimp in that theory. They’re talking about her being on the ship almost like a permanent change of station.

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