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Night Out 19/21

Night Out 19/21 published on 6 Comments on Night Out 19/21

Leif: It’s one of the rules for those of us who belong to the Embassy, too. We can be transferred at any time.

It’s possible to have a relationship, but we would need permission from our supervisors. You can imagine how hard that is to get!

Thorn: Sounds like a good rule. Sometimes I wish the military would do that. Say, Leif . . . As we are two people who understand this . . .

. . . maybe we could go together to a bar some time? To talk, like this, more?

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Okay, I think I need some clarification. Are the embassy staff indentured servants, or chattel slaves?

I think the difference between those two states is rather a matter of perspective, in this case, regardless of sworn or perceived legal distinctions.

I wouldn’t mind knowing the actual answer (or the legal separation between the two states in legal parlance); I’m just not sure if that difference is honored.

I think indentured servants have agreed to their situation and hope for something in return, their supposedly have some sort of contract : definite period of time, maybe working hours and a definite perimeter of tasks… While a chattel slave doesn’t have any of this, can be worked to death, or executed on a whim of the owner.

That’s the difference in our world – would be good to know if that’s the difference in theirs.

(also, it’s good to note that there have been times, like in the US, especially towards the Revolutionary War, up until the practice was more or less abandoned in favor of slavery, when indentured servitude contracts were violated, or changed to extend their effects in various ways, legally or not, to make their debtors into effective slaves with little recourse or defense (especially if the legal system was bribed or suborned in some fashion in the “creative re-wording” that initiated the difference of opinions)).

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