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Night Out 2/21

Night Out 2/21 published on 3 Comments on Night Out 2/21

Florian: So, what’s it like, being a knight?

Rowan: Oh, you know . . . a little heroism here, a little wild adventure there . . .

Florian: Have you ever fought a monster?

Rowan: A few.

Florian: Ever killed a person?

Rowan: That’s classified!

Florian: You must be great with a sword.

Rowan: Sure am.

Florian: Can I get a demonstration . . . ?

Thorn: I don’t care if that was literal or innuendo, you are not whipping it out in the middle of a crowded bar.

Rowan: Aw, boss, give me some credit.

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yeah! He wasn’t going to whip it out in the middle of the bar…there is a perfectly serviceable darkened nook over in that corner!

1: Sorry Rippy, I can’t post my own comments anymore, the comment box doesn’t appear. Anyone know why?

2: *Facepalm* “Ever killed a person?” Why do people always ask servicepeople that?

1) Comment box is still there for me, both logged-in and logged-out. Can you email me a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

2) Morbid fascination? Rowan likes guys who are fascinated with him, so it works in his favor. (Thorn doesn’t, but fortunately Leif isn’t the kind of person who would ask.)

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