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Night Out 5/21

Night Out 5/21 published on 16 Comments on Night Out 5/21

Birch: Thorn, did you . . . lose someone in the service?

Thorn: Yes. Remember the destruction of CSS Margaid . . . ?

*Ceannic Sailing Ship.

Thorn: Silly question. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard about what happened to the Margaid.

Birch: I came back from walking the dog, and the whole family was crowded around the radio . . .

Juniper: I had a part-time job at the local stables. The boss found me brushing one of the unicorns . . .

Rowan: The RAs at summer camp gathered us all together . . .

Florian: We all got sent home from daycare early . . .

Juniper: Rowan, are you sure this kid is legal?

Florian: Hey! I have youthful vigor! Some people think that’s cute!

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That’s…a big fish.

Was the ship supposed to have wards so these goliaths didn’t bother it? Did someone skimp on the “giant sea serpent repellent?” Or was this a “once in 100 years” sort of event, and caught everyone by surprise?

Once-in-100-years kind of thing. Sea monsters this size aren’t natural, so it’s not like you can just sail around their established migration routes or anything — you don’t know where or when they’ll develop.

How do sea monsters “develop”?

Magic! This planet doesn’t have the ecosystem to support a population of multi-blue-whale-sized sea monsters. But every once in a while, a nice normal-size sea serpent will be affected by magic — in this case, it ate a bunch of water spirits — and things will get weird.

This is also where dragons come from, btw. Since those live on land, it’s much more likely that humans will notice and arrange to destroy them before they get this dangerous.

“Rowan, are you sure this kid is legal?”
What’s the age of consent in Ceannis?

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