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Night Out 8/21

Night Out 8/21 published on 4 Comments on Night Out 8/21

Juniper: Okay, I’m not drunk enough for Tragic Backstory Hour. Birch! Tell us about your girlfriend. If you have photos, even better.

Birch: I sure do, Juniper! She’s so funny, and so strong — she’s a miner — and . . .

Florian: His girl’s a minor, and people are getting on your case?

Birch: No, I mean, she works in a mine!

Provides the only spell-quality gemstones that are native to Ceannis, not imported from other countries. Dating her isn’t just wonderful, it’s patriotic!

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Well, it works on my phone, must be a problem with my Firefox settings.

Calling it now, Birch is gonna be broken either due to a political intrigue or by one of his teammates doing what’s necessary in a bad situation.

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