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No Moss 1/40

No Moss 1/40 published on 12 Comments on No Moss 1/40

Eyyyy, it’s a Juniper storyline!

This one is full of miscellaneous Volume 1 callbacks…mostly generated by me going “hmm, what’s a thing I put a bunch of effort into 3 years ago and haven’t put to use since?”

Laceleaf: Welcome to the “Single And Ready To Mingle” Ceannic National Aquarium tour!

We’ll be pairing you off for short conversations after each exhibit. If you entered a gender preference at registration, it’s been taken into account.

Before we get started, please pick up the tag with your name and pronoun . . .

. . . and, to be clear, I’m not a “single.” I’m just your tour guide.

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Was Moss a teammate who died?

Looks like.
(Not pictured, but named in text underneath)
Were they and Juniper a thing? Because I have preemptive feels about it.

True story, I considered it…and then I thought, “this comic already has one queer woman who died pre-canon and left a grieving partner behind, does it really need more? Probably not. Definitely not right this minute.”

Juniper’s feelings about Moss are complicated for other reasons, as you’ll see!

I love the security guard in the back in panel 4. With that and Laceleaf’s statement in said panel I guess after the last incident they want to be more careful.

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