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No Moss 10/40

No Moss 10/40 published on 5 Comments on No Moss 10/40

Those of you who follow the character Q&A on Tumblr have seen some of this ahead of time.

In other news: Leif & Thorn has reached 50 Patreon supporters, which means pins are coming! Keep an eye out for the mini Kickstarter announcement. More details in this post.

Patrick and Tiernan pins

Juniper (narrating): Ah, the good old days. When Moss was Thorn’s second-in-command. She was great at it. Even seemed to know how to handle Marula.

She and Thorn got each other perfectly, too. They could be so in-sync, sometimes they moved like two halves of a whole.

They never let the rest of us see how much behind-the-scenes work (and arguing) it took to keep up.

Moss (flashback): We can push them farther! The team can take it!

Thorn (flashback): That’s not the point!

Juniper (narrating): . . . until I got promoted. Then Thorn could tell me some stories.

Thorn (flashback): Why don’t you like the plan?

Moss (flashback): It won’t look good.

Thorn (flashback): You mean that it won’t seem ethical?

Moss (flashback): I mean that it’ll seem silly.

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Wasn’t Moss’s heartsword a scimitar?

Knights page on the wiki says Scimitar, but the heartswords page lists Moss as a Backsword.

Either way, we don’t see enough of the blade to be sure that Moss isn’t holding a scimitar. some of them curve quite far from the crossguard.

On further inspection and thought, I think Moss is meant to be a Backsword-wielder. It would mean that Juniper and Moss share a heartblade type, and (This may be me reading too much into a single page) Juniper feels that Violet would have been a (however slightly) better choice as Thorn’s second, but being a Backsword type instead of Longsword put them forward, avoiding the second-in-command being the same type as the commander.

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