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No Moss 11/40

No Moss 11/40 published on 10 Comments on No Moss 11/40

Juniper (narrating): Planning the assault on the dragon’s cave was the last time Thorn and Moss ever disagreed.

Moss: We can’t trust Marula on the front lines. Swap her with someone on backup.

Thorn: Really? I thought she’d love to have first crack at the stabbing.

Moss: What she wouldn’t love is dying.

And she thinks this attack is certain death. Best-case scenario, she sneaks away the night before. Worst-case, you think you can still count on her — and then she bails mid-mission.

Thorn: . . . Do you think this attack is certain death?

Moss: I think it’ll be a lot less certain if our plan counts on me instead.

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Maybe I’m severely underestimating the power of a dragon, but why couldn’t they collapse the cave on it or seal the entrance with blasting?

Dragons are birds that have ‘eaten’ corrupted spirits, like how a normal-sized sea monster ate a bunch of corrupted spirits and became the Beast That Sank The Margaid. At a guess, they’re too magical to crush, and sealing the entrance still means fighting the dragon.

Also, there’s the argument of not kicking the can down the line for someone else to deal with.

Underestimating the dragon! They tried some similar strategies. It didn’t work out.

Also, it’s not a deep-underground cave, it’s a cliffside cave. The amount of material to bring down on it is limited, and could turn into a rockslide that does more damage to everything *but* the dragon.

The vote is showinga poll I’ve already done on the exact same browser and IP, is there any way to skip it rather then adding a new “I’ve already voted” answer or voting again?

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