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No Moss 12/40

No Moss 12/40 published on 9 Comments on No Moss 12/40

Juniper (thinking): If Moss had spoken up against the water mages’ attack plan . . .

Or if Thorn had just listened to the little voice of doubt in his own head . . .

Or if anyone but Marula had been so obviously skeptical about the idea . . .

. . . then I would have so many more options for people to talk with right now.

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We don’t yet know what exactly went wrong with the attack plan that Juniper’s remembering about here. But if this was the beginning of the combat action sequence that successfully dealt with the dragon, there’s really no telling if a different plan would’ve really gotten Thorn in a place where he could “pretty much single-handedly” kill the dragon.

Sure, Thorn got credit for basically single-handedly getting the kill. But to do that he had to get into the position he was in when he started that maneuver, and without distractions, he’d probably have been eaten or burnt to a crisp before he could get there.

Some fantastic monsters are pretty much guaranteed to kill many people in any attempt to kill them, and dragons are generally on that list. You can sometimes get around that by having a sufficiently fantastic group trying to end them. In the Leif & Thorn universe, it’s my impression that would take star mages of Kudzu’s caliber (but either more sane or less controlled by anti-government factions). They didn’t have that, so probably many people were going to have to die.

Presumably, if they wouldn’t agree on plan, there would be option to get some reinforcements, for some cost (note that needing to wait and risk something happening is also cost). Even taking more time to plan would cost some time. They though the plan is good enough. Juniper now thinks it wasn’t and that paying the cost for planning longer or reinforcements would be better. Note however that it’s HER assessment ; there is entirely possible some people in government evaluated the action as success and the causalities as acceptable.

Note that the ACTION could’ve been success. It’s true that the plan got Thorn in a place where he could “pretty much single-handedly” kill the dragon, but it’s still failure of the plan if that wasn’t planned but improvisation.

I’m sure Kudzu would be usable even not sane, as long as you would HAVE him. With him being controlled by anti-government factions, it would need to be THEM deciding to send him against the dragon.

Remember we still don’t know who controls Kudzu overall.

The thing about that kind of evaluation is that it throws out the window that their leadership is actually good. A leader doesn’t lead their team to death because they know it will happen. Hopefully we get to see what the area surrounding the cave looks like along with the plan the water mages came up with to analyze later.

As for the idea that a fantastic monster has to have a kill count, not really. Leaders need to accept the fact that a combat action may result in death, but forming a plan with the idea that there will be death is dangerous and turns your people into nothing but pieces on a board rather than the people you need to answer for getting killed later. It’s entirely possible that we’ll learn later that the water mages got reamed behind the scenes by the Chalice higher ups for getting so many of theirs killed in a single action.

I’m not sure if actually seeing the plan is good idea. Sure, I would also like to, but remember that Erin Ptah might not be as good strategist as Moss or Thorn. As long as we don’t get too many details, she can keep the illusion the plan was better than what she’s capable to come up with.

I would say there are leaders planing someone on their team will die but I agree it’s not good idea … I would expect it either leads to burnout (pun not intended) or is a result of the leader already suffering a burnout.

Also, we don’t know what happened to the water mages, but I sort of assume they had even more causalities that Thorn’s team and that the person who came out with that plan is dead. It’s possible he got reamed anyway of course, but it’s just not the same posthumously.

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