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No Moss 13/40

No Moss 13/40 published on 9 Comments on No Moss 13/40

The officer here is played by Jocey K! They landed the role by supporting Leif & Thorn on Patreon. You should totally try it. (Opportunities to nerd out at any specific character not guaranteed.)

Precinct headquarters.

Juniper: Juniper Sel. You called me in about Marula Sheaver?

Officer: O-of course! It’s such an honor to meet you, Sir Juniper! I’m a huge fan of knights!

Juniper: Appreciated.

I hope Sir Marula isn’t getting any special treatment out of you, though.

Officer: No! Gosh, she’s so modest — she didn’t even tell us that she was a knight.

Juniper (thinking): So they didn’t know to hold her in a heartsword-proof cell?

Officer: I did recognize her from the news, though! The cell with magic reinforcement is this way.

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They’re dead, those cops in the back are all dead.

Nah, they’re fine. Heartswords can’t cut through magic. Officer K’s an enthusiast, not stupid.

Unless, of course, Marula’s managed to sweettalk one of them into powering that part down…

If she thinks Marula didn’t told them she’s knight because of modesty she IS stupid. Just not lethally stupid.

They, not she, and they don’t know Marula! It’s not “stupid” that, when you hear hoofbeats, you think horses, not zebras.

It is if you are hunting zebras.

As a police officer, they need to be little more paranoid than normal people and take into account even less probable but more dangerous alternatives. And, because police officers usually deal more with criminals than innocent people, they usually do … maybe they are new.

They’re not stupid and she’s not a monster. Just a sociopat . Believe it or not most of them are no more monsters than people with ADHD or Depression. They are more likely to be victims than victimizers, like everyone with a mental disorder.

…I’ve never actually seen any evidence that sociopaths are more likely to be victims. Unlike other mental disorders, their problem includes an inability to feel bad about hurting people.

(But it’s important to remember that lots of other mental health issues get *called* “sociopathic” when they’re not! Like people who do care about others’ feelings, but have a hard time deciphering them. Or people who don’t express emotions in the ways that are standard for their culture.)

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