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No Moss 16/50

No Moss 16/50 published on 10 Comments on No Moss 16/50

Kickstarter tier spotlight: Just the kitty kthx

Pledge this tier for a Tiernan pin! She comes with a black metal finish and 2 screen-printed colors, for maximum authentic floof. No extra shipping charge for US backers, and I’ll even throw in the ebook version of Leif & Thorn Volume 1.

Limited to 25 backers. And, not that it’s a contest, but the Patrick tier is currently outselling her….

Marula: Th-there was a murder. In my building — that’s the only reason I’m a suspect.

Two children . . . they lived in the apartment above mine . . .
They were found stabbed to death!

And so, just because I have a heartsword — {choke} Children, Juniper!

Juniper: Officers, can you give us a minute? Just stand outside the next door, while we talk alone?

Magical officer: Of course.

Regular officer: Y-yes, sir.

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Stabbed? That puts her at the bottom of the list. She’s into cutting and slashing, not stabbing. And even then I’d like to think even she, with her mental state, would be incapable of going after children.

For one thing, if she was that dangerous they wouldn’t have let her live her life freely. But also not having empathy doesn’t instantly turn you into a monster- it just makes it harder to understand other people’s experiences.

Definitely, behavior is a choice no matter whether you can feel empathy or not. Most of the people I have known with ASPD wouldn’t hurt anyone, they were just very self focused. I did know one girl with violent and sadistic tendencies, but she didn’t end up doing well in life.

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