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No Moss 17/50

No Moss 17/50 published on 16 Comments on No Moss 17/50

New behind-the-scenes post for patrons! The backstory of why it took so long to write the Marula spotlight storyline, and how it finally came together.

Juniper: Okay, they’re gone . . . You can stop faking it now.

Marula: Wh-what? I —

Juniper: Marula! I know you, remember?

Marula: . . .

Okay, fine. I don’t care that the loud annoying brats upstairs got stabbed. But I didn’t do it. Are you happy now?

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Well, duh, she didn’t do it. You can’t stab people with a saw.

Not with that attitude, you can’t!

Well, if I had a slashy type heartblade and I wanted to murder someone, I would totally use a stabby type weapon that wasn’t my heartblade XD.

Because, as displayed by your reader’s reactions, it sounds like a clever alibi. It’s not. But it sounds like it could be.

Not that I think she did it, but the reason I don’t think she did it is because you’re not that type of author, not because it’s unlikely that she killed someone with stabbing when her heart blade is a saw. You don’t have to use your heartblade for murder. It seems like… overkill.

And what I mean by ‘you’re not the type of author’ is, I know you wouldn’t pin a crime on a mentally disabled person. You’re well aware that mentally disabled people are more likely to be victims and unfair suspects than the commissioners of crimes.

If you have sources to support that that likelihood applies to sociopaths in particular, please let me know.

I’ve been looking for the study all day and can’t find it. I don’t think I imagined it. But it did try to separate psychopaths and sociopaths. One was people who were excited by harming others, according to it’s criterion, and the other group were simply devoid of empathy. Which is not the standard psychopath/sociopath divide anyway.

Well, since I can’t find it, I guess I have no valid proof. Sorry.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like the standard divide to me either. “Lacking empathy” usually means “lacking the ability to understand the feelings of others,” and Marula can figure them out just fine (when she makes the effort).

Hmmm. So the kids are stabbed, but they go after the heartsword wielder. Does Marula have a criminal history or is there a bias we are about to learn about?

There’s three things: Affective empathy (“feel what you see other people feel”), cognitive empathy (“have an emotional reaction to how you know other people feel”), and compassion (“care how other people feel and wish to do something about it”). ASPD tends to imply zero affective empathy, and may suggest difficulties with cognitive empathy. And if you’re diagnosable, probably lack of compassion, but I know someone with clinically-diagnosed ASPD who’s actually pretty nice. Like, they get off on causing pain, but also they would prefer not to because they actually like people and have a moral objection to it.

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