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No Moss 18/40

No Moss 18/40 published on 9 Comments on No Moss 18/40

Kickstarter tier spotlight: Both pins!

That’s the Patrick pin AND the Tiernan pin. (I know, I know, very creative tier names in this campaign.)

Hate the idea of picking favorites? Want to support harmony between cat people and dog people? Just looking for the best deal on shipping? This is the tier for you.

Just 5 more both-pin backers and we’d be 50% funded!

(About today’s strip: Spot the Calvin & Hobbes homage.)

Marula: Sure, I don’t have the same hangups as you. But I was hoping you knew me well enough to trust —

Juniper: I know you well enough to not trust you. Why did you really want to see me?

Marula: Maybe I missed the melodious sound of your voice.

Juniper: Pull the other one.

Marula: If you could just tell them I was at a reunion that night, with the rest of the team —

Juniper: Nope.

Marula: Ugh, I wish one of the broadswords had showed up. Their heartstrings are so much easier to yank.

Juniper: Well, tough, I’m just too sharp to be manipulated by your — Hey.

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Seriously why the hell wasn’t she discharged the moment they realized what she was packing?

Easy, by that point she knew how to draw a magical saw that could be easily put away. Heart-weapons make for excellent murder weapons since they can only be retrieved by their owner, can work on either side of the mountains, and presumably leave no different signs than a regular weapon of the same shape. Better to drill the tennants of Knighthood into her as best they can so they can keep an eye on her at the same time rather than let her loose with her weapon.

Well now this just sounds like an even worse situation. No knight went rogue before this and decided to use the heartsword to their advantage? No one is working on a way to deny heartswords?

I would not be surprised if they have magical chestplates that they can lock onto heartsword wielders for transportation.

Or maybe they just cuff their hands behind their back… I feel kind of stupid for not coming up with that until half-way through this coment…

I’m sure SOME heartsword users went rogue before….which is why they know to watch the hell out of Marula on account of her weapon type. They have strict vetting to weed out the sorts of people who would go rogue. She got through as an unfortunate fluke, but they’re looking for specific personality types, and the types of people they’re looking for aren’t prone to going rogue, or if they do, you can make an educated guess as to why they’ve done it.

Basically this. Before she drew the sword, she hadn’t done anything to prove herself incapable of the job. As long as she kept demonstrating that capability, why would they ditch her?

Instead, as we’ve seen, they made a special effort to steer her into positions where she’d be the most useful for the least risk.

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