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No Moss 19/40

No Moss 19/40 published on 8 Comments on No Moss 19/40

Juniper: Since when are you in Central at all? I know Peach settled here for retirement because her wife’s in the government . . . but we never knew where you went, after you quit.

Marula: Oh, gosh, I’ve only been here a couple months. I haven’t stayed anywhere for long. Always gotta keep moving. Like a rolling stone.

Although, in a way, we’re all like rolling stones these days . . .

Juniper: I get it.

Marula: Because . . .

Juniper: You don’t have to say it.

Marula: . . . we have no Moss!

Juniper: I got it.

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…Wait…I ask a question about military fraternization, then you ask me what I think the unwritten rules are for each nation, and then this strip happens…

Which part here is about fraternization? Other than Peach marrying a senator, which was already established…

Juniper’s reaction and Marula’s specific needling on it.

Juniper’s reaction is also understandable in the “this is someone I was non-romantically close to before they died and this person is DARING to make a joke about them, specifically about the fact they’re gone forever,” and Marula’s needling is consistent with her not understanding (or caring) how emotions work and what will and will not upset people….

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