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No Moss 2/40

No Moss 2/40 published on 16 Comments on No Moss 2/40

I told you this was full of callbacks. First person to dig up all the strips being referenced gets a No-Prize.

Nigella (pronoun: he, seeking: m/f/x): Nigella Badiane, potion shop manager. Hey, did I ever sell something to you . . . ?

Juniper: Yes. You also thought a fourteen-year-old was my kid.

Florian (he, m/x): Florian Amande, magitech support! You look familiar. Did I date a friend of yours?

Juniper: Sort of . . . and I thought you were too young for him, too.

Lobbyist (she, f/x): Marula Boatman, political lobbyist.

Juniper: I’ve seen you on the news. Aren’t you married?

Lobbyist: Well, yes, but it’s an open —

Juniper: Still not what I’m looking for.

Deliveryman (he, m/f/x): . . .

Juniper: No.

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Not sure about the deliveryman specifically tho. Tags + Minor characters mean it’s narrowed down a lot to begin with, though :p

Nigella: I Got Eight Problems page 19/27 (also had a date with Rowan)
Florian: Night Out page 1 through page 14. Thrown out by Rowan.
Marula: Leaves That Are Green page 12. Advocate for the Pie Council.
Deliveryman: I got Eight Problems page 1. Comes back for The Show Must Grown On: Overture. Color me Deeply surprised if he’s not arrested next page.

Bonus round: The Marula that is not Marula Boatman: Marula Sheever, former associate of Thorn’s Team. Was not present for the Remembrance in Watching Over Me page 6. Has not been in a strip, but IS featured in a few tumblrposts. She draws a Heart-Bonesaw. Likes cutting up people, But not, like, in an evil way?

What’s wrong with the deliveryman?

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