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No Moss 20/40

No Moss 20/40 published on 4 Comments on No Moss 20/40

Marula: Ugh. Thorn didn’t appreciate that one either.

Juniper: When did you see Thorn??

Marula: I did visit him in the burn ward. Like I was going to miss that chance.

Juniper: If you just went there to get your kicks from seeing him in pain and saying awful things —

Marula: Me? Never!

Between you and me, he was the awful one. Told me right to my face that he’d trade me for any of the knights who got barbecued.

Juniper: Doesn’t sound like the kind of thing Thorn would say. Sounds exactly like the kind of thing you’d make up.

Marula: Oh, it’s true! And not only that, it goes deeper!

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Isn’t she trying to convince Juniper to vouch for her and her not being stabby? I feel like gossip that might make them angry isn’t going to benefit Marula’s situation.

Maybe she’s trying to be friendly or comradely (in order to get Juniper on her side) and is missing the mark really hard because she doesn’t Get the emotional reasons they’re unlikely to react well to how she’s going about it?

I’m not sure I’m entirely convinced by that myself, though. Marula strikes me as too smart to have made a gaffe that obvious. Hmm.

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