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No Moss 21/40

No Moss 21/40 published on 8 Comments on No Moss 21/40

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Marula: Thorn has come up with rankings for all of us. Who he’s happiest to have alive, and who he’s least sad to see dead.

Obviously he’s sadder about Moss than he would’ve been about me. She was way more useful to him.

Ask him, some time, who else on the team he’d trade you for.

You all pretend like you have something I don’t . . . But we’re not really any different, once you go far enough down.

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I could buy that Thorn, grieving and in pain and being needled with puns about his dead comrades, might have actually said something like what Marula accused him of in the last comic. The idea of him having a whole carefully thought-through set of rankings of who he considers more or less expendable seems more far-fetched.

I bet Thorn would trade his own life for some/all of his teammates. That notion would poke a hole in Marula’s claims about the whole thing being based on “usefulness”, although I can’t imagine that the concept of altruism or self-sacrifice is somehow completely outside her awareness.

This falls under the heading of “People mistakenly assume that everybody else is like themselves.” It’s also called “making assumptions with a sample size of one.”

Different people are different, but it’s easy and very human to assume otherwise. Sociopaths are not more prone to doing this than typical people, but it’s much more obvious when they do it, because they’re a tiny minority with a very decidedly different viewpoint than most people.

At least, this is what I have been told, and what seems reasonable to me. I will admit, some of this is starting out making assumptions with a sample size of one, and then correcting as needed to account for observed discrepancies. It could very well be that most people are sociopaths and most just hide it very well – but that doesn’t feel all that plausible to me.

I think that for most normal people is easier to guess how sociopaths think than for sociopaths to guess how normal people think. Of course, sociopaths have more incentive to train that.

There is also the mistake that after you realize everyone is NOT like you may start to assume the people who are not like you are sociopaths or otherwise crazy. That’s presumably not true, although it will be harder to prove it than your “most people are sociopaths and most just hide it very well” theory.

I find plausible even that he said something which could be interpreted like having rankings. Those actually being thought-through is much less plausible.

And yes, he would certainly trade his own life for some/all of his teammates. However, this might not come up when talking about who he miss most.

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