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No Moss 22/40

No Moss 22/40 published on 7 Comments on No Moss 22/40



Juniper: Sometimes, you make it really hard to remember that you’ve saved people’s lives, you know that?

Marula: I don’t see why. You were there.

Juniper: And it’s the only reason I’ve spent so long listening to you here. If there’s nothing else? I’m gonna take off now.

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So I would think Marula’s goal would be to get Juniper to HELP her. I don’t think it takes empathy to see that saying your beloved team leader would throw you under the bus at any moment is… not helpful. As well as reminding Juniper HOW unlikable she is in the first place.

I also don’t know why she would choose to bring this up now- unless she’s just been dying to say this- but still? I’m really having trouble understanding her motive here. Yeah it’s cruel but more than that, it’s counterproductive to Marula’s goals. Why is she even talking about this at all?

The only thing I can think of is Marula will then say something like “well you know that’s not true. You know Thorn would help me because he still believed in me,” or something like that. Otherwise, I think the’s making things MUCH harder for herself because she likes to piss people off.

It’s almost as if Marula realized that goal wasn’t going to pan out, and stopped pursuing it a couple strips ago, and Juniper is only just now catching up.

Prediction: Marula is released, no other evidence is found to support her being a murderer. Needing work, she takes a job very close to Thorn’s team.

Wearing Sonheim’s colors.

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