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No Moss 27/40

No Moss 27/40 published on 8 Comments on No Moss 27/40

Del: Let’s split up here. I’ll walk Sir Juniper home, and I don’t want them to be concerned about their sobriety when they think back on it.

Woman in Black: Understood.

Juniper: Seriously?

I don’t need a minder, and I’m not going home. It’s not that late. . . . although my chance to Mingle with Singles is long over by now.

Del: Oh? How was the mingling?

Juniper: Unproductive.

So I’ll hit up another bar. Better try the one near the hospital. One of the few places to find people with our level of work trauma, who are up for some mutual no-strings-attached stress relief.

Del: Yes . . . I’m familiar with that struggle.

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Honestly I’d rather these guys just be friends than like, partners, but if a romantic relationship develops naturally that’s ok too. It just sorta… feels like they’d be better as “friends” or “disgruntled enemies who get friendly over drinks”.

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