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No Moss 28/40

No Moss 28/40 published on 11 Comments on No Moss 28/40

Juniper: . . .

Well, you are hot.

Del: Much as I can’t argue with that . . . you seem to be sizing me up like a piece of meat just now, and I’m not certain how I feel about it.

Juniper: We’re all pieces of meat. Once you’ve seen enough people flame-broiled, you get that.

Del: . . . I do have a weakness for dashing devil-may-care utilitarianism. But if you’re only saying this because you’re in a mood to do something dangerous — and I am, undoubtedly, the most dangerous person you know —

Juniper: I want to whisper in your ear, but I can’t reach that high even on tiptoe, so c’mere.

I’m “in a mood” to —- — your — —– with — —— — —– and a —– —.

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*passes around the cucumber sammiches and watches the CSS Juninium hits the water and floats just as engineered.*

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