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No Moss 3/40

No Moss 3/40 published on 8 Comments on No Moss 3/40

Juniper (they, m/f/x): In a city this big, you’d think it would be easier to find someone to date.

Jasmine (she, m/f/x): Tell me about it!

I’m an emergency med tech. Anyone I’ve treated, it would be weird to get involved with. And most other people aren’t okay with my on-call schedule.

Juniper: Well, their loss! I’m Juniper Sel, knight from the Order of the Chalice.

Jasmine: That’s the heartsword order, right? I’m —


Juniper: Sorry, I have to take this.

Jasmine: . . . and I don’t date co-workers because I don’t think a romance can handle two emergency call schedules.

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1: Do Embassy guards have emergency call schedules or is this just bad timing?

2: Hopefully it won’t be too weird to be involved with the second-in-command of a previous patient. (Thorn may be more recall-worthy than the usual PTSD callout as he was ALSO a Order of the Chalice, and the permission-shuffle with Leif boarding the medwagon.)

Personally, I don’t see an issue with two on call schedules for a romance. Yes, it’s annoying. But so long as neither person is on an every other interval schedule, it’s really not that bad, assuming that both parties are honest about their on call. Having an every other interval on call schedule is a big problem regardless of whether ones partner has an on call schedule.

Note that I do see having schedules which are every third interval, the interval changes coincide, and the schedules being out of phase as being less of a problem than just having one of the schedules be every other interval and the other schedule being every fifth interval or some other reasonable amount.

Having an every other interval on call schedule as a single person can be very draining, not giving you enough time to recover from one period of being on call before you’re back on again. A rotation of every third interval probably gives enough time to recover, so it doesn’t build up worse every cycle.

Of course, not all on-call is the same. Medical on call is almost certainly more harrowing than anything I’ve faced. But even apart from the field in question, different organizations have differing levels of support, and exacerbating situations come and go. While I was in my every other interval on call rotation, I would occasionally have periods of four months or more when I averaged under one call per week of on call, and the fact that the on call rotation was every other week didn’t matter. But there were also times when for several weeks, I was having over 40 hours a week of on call work.

Now, if either party abuses on call to mask having an affair, that’s an entirely different matter, but I’m not sure any relationship can handle that, full stop.

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