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No Moss 30/40

No Moss 30/40 published on 9 Comments on No Moss 30/40

Juniper: I do have to kick you out after we eat, though. There’s a call I need to make — and I’ll have to sweep for bugs first.

Del: Really? This is military-issue housing, so that ought to be taken care of . . . Oh, do you mean from me?

Whyever for? At the moment, we’re on the same side of everything. There’s nothing I need to know just now that you wouldn’t simply tell me.

Juniper: Sure, but you’re still a career spy . . . and I respect you too much to not be thorough.

Del: Ah! That, I can understand.

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I’m guessing there’s no distinction between operator and spy in Ceannis?

What’s the distinction in the real world, and what leads you to suspect it doesn’t exist in Ceannis?

In this context, a spy gathers intelligence and relays/analyzes it to decision makers. They sometimes go in-country to work their resources, but most are emplaced as embassy and diplomatic staff to ensure immunity from potential prosecution. They don’t typically get their hands dirty, because that calls down unwanted attention on potential intelligence operations.

Operators by contrast are the people who typically act on a spy’s intelligence. They are typically trained in paramilitary and intelligence gathering techniques, though spies typically work within a system while operators work outside.

Now there is sometimes overlap as in Vietnam with MACV-SOG, but the best difference in our world is that between a CIA agent and a Delta Force operator. Both often work together, but if the agent is in a gun battle while the operator is trying to monitor a network of moles something went very wrong. The CIA spies gather and collate the intelligence, and Delta Force operators act on it.

As for why it doesn’t exist, well D strikes me as a little less of a spy after seeing her in action and after meeting D10.

* So Juniper calling her a spy seems a bit odd given that they’re a knight and would know the difference.

(Fixed the pronouns!)

“Spy” is definitely not an accurate description of Del’s whole job, but Juniper doesn’t know most of the details of her job, so they’re being imprecise about it. (They also know Del’s job involves covert assassination, but that’s not the part they’re worried about right now.)

“At the moment, we’re on the same side of everything” – what conceivable reason do they have to trust her on this?

Juniper has just directed her away from a bad-fit candidate and they’ve just finished having what looks like pretty decent sex together. She’s already gotten everything she needs from them, and something extra she didn’t expect, so at the moment, there is no reason for enmity between them.

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