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No Moss 31/40

No Moss 31/40 published on 6 Comments on No Moss 31/40

Del: Honestly, I have a bit of a gender preference, and it typically involves having a gender, but . . .


Del: Hmmm.

Juniper: Bad news? Or can’t you tell me?

If you can’t, but it’s something I’d have a problem with, I expect you to take off. Honor system.

Del: It’s not that. Nor is it classified, it’s simply . . . sensitive.

To be clear, I’m about to tell you out of professional courtesy, not out of appreciation for that thing you do with your —

Juniper: Don’t make this weirder than it already is.

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6:1 Marula’s been brought in on a drunk-and-disorderly.
5:1 Marula caught the one who killed those kids, and was standing over him when the police caught up to the killer.
10:1 Marula brought the one who killed those kids into the station alive, if cut strategically to keep his struggling to a minimum.
3:1 the one who killed those kids has been jointed as if by a professional butcher. The packages are individually labeled.

12:1 WiB brought Marula into the Order regardless of what Juniper said; sometimes a sociopath is what you need to fight monsters.

I figured that was basically guaranteed, assuming Marula didn’t kill the kids.

You think it would really make a difference if she did?

Restraining your killing urges to ‘acceptable targets’ indicates a willingness to at least play by a set of rules imposed by society. If children are on your acceptable targets list, you’re likely going to be more trouble than you’re worth, whether or not the SOoMH can disavow/burn/whatever the appropriate term for ‘toss an asset out into the cold for crossing the line’.

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