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No Moss 32/40

No Moss 32/40 published on 10 Comments on No Moss 32/40

Del: Your colleague? Sir Marula? She’s been arrested. The real thing, this time.

Juniper: What?? Oh, stars, do they think she killed those kids after all?

Del: No, not that. You recall they found a likelier suspect? Someone with a personal grudge against the family?

Well, that person . . .

. . . is the one Marula’s been accused of killing.

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… Chaotic good.

The pictures say Chaotic Neutral to me. The Child Killer was not given an opportunity to surrender. He was killed from behind without warning, and of the cuts we can see, none are immediately fatal. That means even if Merula took his head first as a coup de gracé, she kept cutting on the body for her pleasure.

I will concede that this may be a worst-case scenario in Juniper’s head, though.

Oh God, it’s worse than I thought. She’s a vigilante.

I’m wondering if this is a set-up, and if so, who would want to mess with her?

Even if she had a motive, why do it so soon? Why not wait until suspicion had lightened more? Even if it occurred BEFORE her arrest, it still seems odd to me.

I’m also thinking one of the guards might be in on it. Perhaps the one who was her fan?

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