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No Moss 33/40

No Moss 33/40 published on 15 Comments on No Moss 33/40

Juniper: Ohhh, stars. Shooting, flaming, fizzling stars, she knew. She only would’ve killed him if she was sure he was the guy. She complained to me about how noisy the kids were . . . She could’ve heard the whole thing go down.

Del: And you believe she’s turned to vigilante justice on their behalf?

Juniper: Nooooo. If she was worried about them, she could’ve burst in and confronted the killer at the scene.

And then she’d be a suspect, while the authorities went over the forensics and sorted out exactly what happened.

But if she heard a commotion and let it happen, not getting near . . .

. . . and then, afterward, clocked who the culprit was?

She’d have the ID of a guy she could slice to bits — secure in the knowledge that almost no jury would convict her for it.

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I’m still sticking with my “she’s innocent and this is a set-up”- as much as I think Marula would probably love a consquences-free murder… they found him, and that seems sloppy. If she did the work of tracking him down and killing him, why wouldn’t she hide the evidence better?

I have a compromise idea: she totally planned that, but someone killed the guy before she get to him … and they found the evidence she was tracking him.

Still, if this is set-up, I fail to see the motivation. The fact that no jury would convict her for it remains.

Like, it would make most sense as some sort of test, but I don’t think there is anyone ruthless enough to actually kill the kids for test around, and I don’t see how would they keep them alive.

Yeah, I’m still not convinced it was her. Juniper is just speculating/ having a thought spiral about it, and there we haven’t seen the evidence yet. I like the idea everentropy* had that this is all a set-up for some reason. Either against Marula specifically or the whole team.

*Full disclosure: I’m their sister so we discussed this at length

But her arrest until the forensics was figured out would be temporary. People would certainly see her as a hero if she’d interfered and cut him up BEFORE the kids were actually killed. I think any true psycho would quickly have seen the logic in such a course. Of course… that would have left the annoying kids alive, but she could always have moved if they were really THAT annoying.

Also also – I’m really interested in how you portray your sociopaths. (I know I said psycho, above… didn’t think about it, but I think I was wrong…?). I don’t find sociopaths obsessively interesting as some do, but it’s interesting to see your take on how some might see a point in choosing to fit in to some extent.

I basically find ALL your variety of characters and how you handle them interesting… I guess that’s my main draw in reading your work. 🙂

Last I knew, neither “psychopath” nor “sociopath” was used in psychiatry, so they don’t have formal definitions. But to me, “psychopath” sounds more out-of-control, which Marula isn’t.

And yes, people who don’t care about others can get very good at playing along with the system! The benefit of the doubt can go a long way (see: this comments section), but if it fails and you get sent to jail, that’s no fun.

Both psychopath and sociopath seem to have very fluid definitions depending who you’re talking to. I had thought that the difference had to do with disconnect from reality (potentially violent because they understand the situation in an entirely different way from what other people see there) as versus disconnect from social understanding/conscience, but the definition on WebMD is actually quite similar, with sociopaths having some conscience, if slight. So, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I personally have known at least two people who got violent because they apparently understood something different from what the other people around them understood. Though it’s hard for me to say what they felt they ‘knew.’ In normal life they weren’t people who would get violent. (One was ostracized by my family and cut off from her kids/my cousins, and the other guy was hospitalized and, last I heard, refused to come back out and enter society again – I think because he had so great a horror of what he had done and didn’t want to take a chance of it happening again. The guy he cut up survived, and didn’t press charges.)

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