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No Moss 34/40

No Moss 34/40 published on 6 Comments on No Moss 34/40

Del: I won’t say “that’s ridiculous” — because with the career I have, I’ve certainly met people who were capable of worse.

But your suspicion seems to be convoluted, thin on facts, and sustained in their absence almost entirely by guesswork.

Juniper: That’s a good point, thanks.

Anyway — I am not the prosecutor. Nor am I Marula’s defense lawyer! This is not my burden to figure out.

Del: Just so, darling.

Del (thinking): And if you’re right, that she’s engineering her own ad-hoc “license to kill” . . . the most practical response may be for us to recruit her after all.

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Welp… Marula here to stay, at least until a dramatically appropriate moment for █████ █████ to █████ ███ with the █████████ ███████ of ███ ████ █████.

Yep, I’ve got to say I anticipated this. Really, do you want a WIB who’s not a sociopath?

Absolutely. Being able to read other people’s emotions is very helpful when trying to understand motives. That having been said, there’s room for differently abled people in most jobs.

Note that I’m not using that term as a simple euphemism for ‘handicapped’. Marula clearly has at least some abilities that others don’t have specifically because of the limitations she has that others don’t, so the term really applies here. At least some of those abilities are applicable to this job.

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