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No Moss 5/40

No Moss 5/40 published on 7 Comments on No Moss 5/40

Now that we’re doing the Marula storyline, I can finally share all her character/story development notes with no fear of spoilers!
Character development notes are now up on Patreon:

Juniper (thinking): Of course Marula got arrested. She says she’s innocent, so I’ll try to help, but if it turns out she actually did it, I won’t exactly fall out of my chair.

I never met anyone like her until we worked together on the dragon-fighting mission . . .

. . . and she was the only one who enjoyed it a little too much.

Marula (flashback): Hey, cool, I found a foot!

Thorn (flashback): What?

Marula: I mean . . . oh, how sad, I found a foot. With the cloth still seared to the flesh in a heartbreaking and not at all great way.

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Surprised she didn’t go for the Axe.

Axe: Heavy bladed head with a long sturdy handle. Seen as ruthless, cold, and prepared to use any amount of force without hesitation.”

Marula seems one step beyond this. She’s not just willing. She’s fluxing eager. I’m betting that she’s the one who took Birch’s leg. Like, I’m sure it was gangrenous on an extended mission, or charred (Did Birch lose his leg to the Wyrm?)… But I feel like Marula was the sawbones who actually removed it. and then stashed it as a trophy while everyone else was distracted bandaging Birch.

He lost it in the dragon fight, yeah.

Idk, I think “willing to do anything for my goals” is a different vibe to “super into cutting people up.” Like, “I’d cut people up if I needed to, but also a lot of other things” vs “I really want to cut people up and that is kinda it”.

Exactly my thought. Agent D is scrupulous, and sticks to right up to the limits set by others, and genuinely took a moment to realize, “Oh. Right. you two think I’m utterly amoral from our last encounter. I’m not threatening the children, I’m chastising you for letting children you were assigned to protect out of your sphere of defensive influence.”

Marula, on the other hand, just forgets to act as general society would consider moral, whether or not she has any internal limits.

I think it’s less forgetting to act as general society would consider moral and more having a difficult time understanding what that is. She understands the basics, and has learned to work within that. But the finer details beyond that elude her, and she has to tell whether she’s stepped over some line in her words by looking at other people’s reactions.

It feels like Agent D has similar morals to others, but less time in the moment making moral decisions. Instead, an evaluation is made, and then acted on, rather than continually second-guessing that moral decision even as action is being taken. The moral judgments that result may seem a little severe, but they tend to be within the range that others would consider. Given that they’re snap moral judgments, I think that’s to be expected.

More like “I will do anything I need to, including cutting people” versus “I would really like to cut some people, is there some acceptable excuse to cut one?”

Marula might be considerably less ruthless if the thing which needs to be done doesn’t include cutting people. Possibly not just people. If faced with enemy which regenerates so fast it doesn’t mind being cut, like Hydra, Agent D would search for alternative way to harm it. Marula would enjoy the cutting and asks if they really need to harm it, arguing that the Hydra might be friendly.

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