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No Moss 6/40

No Moss 6/40 published on 7 Comments on No Moss 6/40

…so, hey, any east-Asian readers want a cameo flirting with Tansy?

Any gender, any appearance, except that it’s a plot point that the character is Getsunese. (Readers who fit the bill will get priority, but I can also draw your OCs.)

Up for grabs to supporters at the Knights of Ceannis level or above. (In spite of the 18+ warning, your cameo won’t even get as far as kissing, unfortunately!) If you can’t back at that level for long, you can drop to a lower tier after getting the cameo — that’s totally allowed.

Juniper (thinking): From what I’ve heard, Marula Sheaver used to conceal her, ah, disturbing traits. Right up until she got into heartsword training.

Your heartsword is shaped by your personality. There’s no way to force or fake it.

Most people draw from a small set of common types.

Me, I have a backsword.

It means I tend to be more grounded than broadsword-wielders like Thorn or Violet . . . more forgiving than saber-wielders like Rowan . . . but more assertive than rapier-wielders like Birch.

They all have their advantages . . . but if you said the backsword was the best type, well, it would be hard to argue.

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Please be a chainsaw, please be a chainsaw, please be a chainsaw…

Close! Marula’s Heartblade is a bonesaw. (it’s listed on her Character Bio.)

I suspect that a Heart Chainsaw is technically possible, in that it fits the only criterion we have(That is, Heartswords must be a bladed weapon.), but I also think it’d be hand-cranked.

Do backsword types tend to be boastful as well, or is Juniper just biased?

Almost everyone has some bias to think “my type of heartsword is the best.” Even if it’s on a subconscious level. It’s easier to understand and work with people who are on the same wavelength as you, and harder to see the drawbacks in your own style.

(The exceptions are people who are jealous of another sword’s strengths. Rowan, for instance, quietly thinks longswords are the best.)

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