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No Moss 7/40

No Moss 7/40 published on 27 Comments on No Moss 7/40

Juniper (thinking): Once the trainers get to know you, they can usually predict what kind of sword you’ll draw. Marula kept them guessing.

Artie (thinking): Backsword?

Gerri (thinking): Dagger?

Juniper (thinking): Nobody predicted that she would pull a heart-bone saw.

Marula (flashback): So . . . this means I’m an excellent sawbones, and you should definitely start assigning me to surgeries now, right?

Artie (flashback): It means we should’ve noticed you’re here because you’d like to cut people up.

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Did Marula know, going into heartsword training, that her sociopathy might be revealed by the type of blade she drew?

I mean… She must have. “Your heartsword is shaped by your personality. there’s no way to force or fake it.”

You can clearly, however, fake out the trainers long enough to learn how to draw one.

she has some of the ol’ Li Hua vibes, eh?

Ohhh, she is straight-up AU Li Hua.

(A bunch of the other knights are AU versions of her teammates, too…especially the posthumous ones, since it made more sense than creating new characterizations from scratch for people we were barely even going to see.)

Will we find out why she likes cutting up people? Does she have some kind of paraphilia.

“Paraphilia” would mean it’s sexual, and it’s not a kink! It’s just the kind of high-functioning sociopath she is.

Ah okay so she’s a high functioning sociopath and has violent tendencies then? Would that make her prone to becoming a murderer or serial killer? I just ask because I’ve met some high functioning sociopaths before who had no violent tendencies, just very antisocial behavior.

Small clarification: A heart-saw is just as effective as a heartsword right? Can still cut through any materiel without issue? I mean a serrated blade is gonna fuck you up but there’s a reason for issuing bayonets instead of hacksaws.

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