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No Moss 8/40

No Moss 8/40 published on 6 Comments on No Moss 8/40

Kudos to the readers who saw exactly this coming…

Juniper (narrating): Marula was the kind of person who would train without mentally blunting her blade, and only tell you later that it had been sharp.

She seemed to enjoy it when her interests bothered people.

Violet (flashback): What are you doing?

Marula: Dissecting!

Violet: We make food on that counter!

Juniper (narrating): Wasn’t sad or concerned if someone got hurt. Didn’t pretend to be, either.

Thorn: Birch — I don’t think we can save your leg —

Marula: I got it!!

Juniper (narrating): She didn’t hurt anyone herself — but I sure don’t think it was her conscience that held her back.

Rowan: What did you do with Birch’s leg?!

Marula: He’s not using it anymore, so why do you care?

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Yikes… I am REALLY curious to see what exactly the Order can do with someone who they’ve trained to be able to draw a heartsword, and is clearly not a good person. I mean, so far Marula hasn’t exactly gone cackling villain, but her behavior so far does seem to warrant something like a seal being placed on her or something.

As I understand it, most sociopaths aren’t murderers or serial killers. If they’ve had a non-abusive, non-traumatic life, they just lack empathy and only care about themselves, but don’t want to actively hurt others. Marula seems to fit into that category, although her behavior and attitude are certainly disturbing and creepy.

I mean, she’s helping- if Birch’s leg was fucked anyway, there’s no reason for it to be attached- and unless he wants to keep it, there’s no real reason for him to want it back. Which sounds like exactly what her thought process probably was, come to think of it. Also maybe she just likes collecting feet that people aren’t using.

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