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No Moss 9/40

No Moss 9/40 published on 3 Comments on No Moss 9/40

Juniper (thinking): It would be nice to have backup when I check on Marula. Someone else who knows her. One of us who survived the dragon.

Violet . . .

(Imaginary Violet): I’m on Embassy duty right now. You can’t pull me off unless it’s serious.

Rowan . . .

(Imaginary Rowan): Same. Also, you know I’ll just fight with her.

Birch . . .

(Imaginary Birch): Um . . . I’m scared of her.

Peach . . .

(Imaginary Peach): One of the perks of being retired is, I don’t need to deal with Marula.


(Imaginary Thorn): I made you my second-in-command, and you’re still going to call me for help with things?

Juniper (thinking): Okay, none of them. Stars, but I wish Moss was still here.

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