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Ø Is For Øverwritten 1/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 1/60 published on 6 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 1/60

When this arc got up over 50 strips, I spent some time seriously considering whether I could make it to 69.

No such luck. But we are going to be with this crew for a nice long while…


Archie: We finally have the schedule for the MCLIS location shoot in Central! So, uh, Rowan . . .

Do you want to come over and watch the filming? I’ll be too busy for us to, uh, “hang out” — what with the showrunning and all — But would it be fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at the show?


Rowan: Are you kidding, Archie? That would be great. I promise not to fanboy too hard . . . Or criticize anyone.

Archie: At least not out loud, you mean?

Rowan: I admit nothing!

And then your schedule’s clear for dinner, right? Where are we going?

Archie: Um . . . You’re the one who lives there, I was hoping you’d pick.

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OMG, people who assume their visiting acquaintance/friend/love interest/associate/whatever will have any idea about the available restaurants in a city they’re visiting for the first time.

Sure, it’s possible they could have done some research. But I really prefer a prompt that’s less presumptuous, such as, “Do you have some place or cuisine in mind, or would you like me to pick or make suggestions?”

Of course, this is Rowan, so he has a long way to go before he gets to the point where he would even think to phrase the question anything like that.

Eh, as far as assumptions go, they both had reasonable supporting evidence to make a low risk leap.

To me, Rowan was clearly signalling that he’s interested in spending time with Archie of the set, and was thinking that Archie is experienced at traveling and navigating new cities with lots of connections, so probably has knowledge of where to go for the right atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Archie was probably expecting Rowan to show some initiative along the lines of “awesome, and after work wraps up, I’d love to show you a great bar/restaurant/hotel room”

It’s just a little case of both people wanting to be the one who gets taken out, rather than being the one doing the taking. Insert “And tragically they were both subs” meme here.

This is why communication is important, and it takes longer than you think to get to know someone.

OMG, people who assume I have any idea about the available restaurants in a city I live for over thirty years … why should I? I’m usually eating at home. In fact, almost all cases I eat in restaurants are on vacation or something like that.

(Sure I know about several restaurants around, but I was never inside, so I can’t say if they are good choice.)

I know lots of restaurants here because I love food, but I once had to write an essay on tourist attractions mid-exam, and I was like… well, science world was fun when I was a kid and.. uh… there’s some kind of suspension bridge, right? … that’s about all I know of the massive tourist industry here because A) I’m not a tourist and B) I had no interest in things that weren’t books when my parents were doing tourist things

Oh my, that arc name has gotta be a Sue Grafton reference! I wonder if this means Rowan and Archie will be having a far more interesting time than just dinner and a show!

I’m really glad to see these two back in the spotlight, They’ve got a really cool dynamic with the low stakes rivalry spicing up their shared interests.

It is! I was trying to come up with something that sounded like “a parody Law & Order title,” then looked through a bunch of episode lists on Wikipedia, and none of them were formulaic enough to work…

Finally decided, eh, Sue Grafton’s books are in the broader category of Popular Crime Fiction — that’s close enough.

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