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Ø Is For Øverwritten 13/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 13/60 published on 14 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 13/60

Kallie: Um, Atarangi . . . Is there a reason we’re hiding the threat we saw from Violet?

Atarangi: What? There wasn’t any threat.

Kiki: Mmmyep there totally was.

Kallie: Is there a “don’t notice this” shield spell that could —

Atarangi: There wasn’t anything to notice! I’ll do it again, I’ll show you —

Atarangi (runes): Sight beyond sight etc etc


Kallie: — could block you, but not go deep enough to hit us.

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Headmates were apparently not considered for this shield spell or whatever it is that is happening right now.

It seems like the defence she’s piercing has two parts, a passive illusion that affects the senses, and an active defence that attacks the mind of a caster who breaks through the first layer, so Kiki can see it with the spell up because it affects the body not the mind, and the counter-attack doesn’t touch her because she didn’t cast the spell.

Well, jury’s still out on “specifically Whispers” (although I’m gently leaning “no” currently), but I wasn’t wrong that whatever’s going on isn’t affecting the inner headmates!

Anyway, [sets up folding chair, gets out popcorn]

The scary thought I’m having is that for magic is the domain of mind control, and Atarangi is also a fire mage, meaning she’s been lax with her defences, or is already way outclassed…

I kinda have a feeling that whatever is hiding itself is using the actual fire-sight spell to do the hiding – sort of turning the spell around on itself, so to speak? So since Atarangi’s the one doing the spell, she’s the one being affected.

Which is mostly to say, I’m leaning towards “outclassed”. I can’t imagine Atarangi, the single most paranoid of the whole set about being “found out”, wouldn’t have the maximum mental defenses she’s capable of.

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