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Ø Is For Øverwritten 14/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 14/60 published on 13 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 14/60

Atarangi: Violet — I’m picking up a threat after all.

Violet: Yeah? What kind of threat?

Atarangi: I don’t know. It’s shielded, somehow.

Violet: Is it big enough that we need to call in backup?

Atarangi: I don’t know.

Violet: Is it even directly related to us, or just somethin’ dangerous in general?

Atarangi: I don’t know.

Violet: Is there anything you do know?

Atarangi: I think I could find out where it is. With a systematic search.

Violet: Guessing you don’t know how long that’ll take, huh.

Atarangi: Which is why we’d better start right now.

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hey, jsyk, erin, something weird’s happening with the site theme! luckily i can still see the comic, but all the themes look really broken all of a sudden.

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