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The site theme is more broken than yesterday. I’m on mobile. It completely white, with blue text in the normal fonts.

Sometimes the theme CSS doesn’t load right away when you click the buttons. (Hipster Minimalist is just what it looks like with no theme CSS.)

Let me know if “waiting a moment, then clicking the button again” works.

It seems that for some reason, Firefox has trouble loading the css sheets that end on a version.

It can’t load for instance, but it CAN load

I have sincere questions why, as they should absolutely work…

Well, that sure is weird.

I updated the header code so none of the stylesheets have versions attached. Guess we’ll see if that helps.

Update: got in touch with customer service, they suspect it’s a problem with their caching plugin, so I went ahead and disabled the whole thing. Now we’ll see if that helps.

Looks to be working fine on my end now. I could absolutely not figure out why the version thing was actually causing it to not load, when the files were RIGHT THERE..

As an IT student, I’m frankly annoyed that this baffles me, there should be a logical reason and there is none..

But yes, it seems to be working normally again, at least on my end. I guess.. Yes, if I had to hazard a cache, I figure the caching plugin might’ve been giving broken files from their cache.. And changing the url parameter means it would have to load a “different” file..

…That makes the most and only sense to me, anyway.

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