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Ø Is For Øverwritten 16/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 16/60 published on 16 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 16/60

Violet: We’re a little more than a mile from the restaurant . . . and we’ll be walking back in the snow. Should say, I’ll be walking.

You’re sure it’s on this block?

Atarangi: Absolutely certain. Just let me scan the buildings, one by one.

Kallie: Nothing in that one. I mean, actually nothing.

Kiki: That one has the kind of nothing that means something!

Atarangi: Good news!

Violet: Hm?

Atarangi: You don’t have much farther to go.

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Inside a building, shielded from all but the most esoteric detection methods, and nobody else knows where they are… This looks like the ideal time to nope out and call for backup, but I’m starting to worry that they’re going to be reckless, and not be able to get out.

Or worse, they’re going to come out, but they won’t be the one driving their bodies any more. That would be a huge pile of violation trauma for the Neineikura sisters 🙁

Site is still broke on Chrome for me. Everything is black, meaning the buttons for forward and back are basically invisible. Switch site theme doesn’t work. The every button works, so its a issue with the themes

By “everything is black” do you mean the navigation bar images? All the theme images? All the images everywhere, including the comic? All the images and the background and all the text?

If you switch to a light-mode theme like Blue Castles, are those things still black, or do they turn white?

If you visit what do you see?

If the answer is “nothing”, and you hit shift+refresh, does it load then?

If you shift+refresh on the main page, does that change anything?

Okay, so First, Every mode looks the same. Second, the comic and most of the images are fine. It looks like its stuck in the northern lights theme, judging by the top picture. Everything here refers to the background behind the comments, the side bar, and the comic panel. The edges are a lighter gray. shift+refresh doesn’t fix it, nor does opening a new page. style-northernlights.css does load and I see all the code for it.

So, the buttons are the same black color as the background. Except for the grayed out buttons that show you are at the most recent chapter. Those are just barely visible. bg-stars does not work. It is a blank screen that takes the color of whatever tab I was in before moving to it. I can load the bluecastle.css but I couldn’t tell you if it has any errors in it.

Okay, that does mean the button images also aren’t loading for you.

Does shift+reload get to appear?

Does it make a difference to bg-stars?

The switching buttons use Javascript – do you have any script-blocking plugins in Chrome?

You know, at first I thought this might be something related to Kale, but I thought about it a bit more and realized it’s pretty obvious.

This has got to be the WiB.

Nah. WIB has always had the same effect, difficulty in perceiving details while looking at her, followed by completely forgetting her after she’s out of sight, with mild resistance possible from repeat exposure. This is completely different, complete mind manipulation when Atarangi is looking directly at the threat.

It makes little sense for Acai to have two wildly different stealth spells in active use.

In fact, the spell is so different, that I’m starting to suspect that it’s not Acai’s asset they’ve stumbled upon, but her opponent in the hidden time war!

Yeah, if it was WiB it wouldn’t be all “these are not the droids you’re looking for” it’d be more like “There’s something! Something? …Maybe not.”

Also it doesn’t make sense for WiB to ping as a threat, anyway, she’s generally been aligned with their own interests and employers. I do like the idea of it being Acai’s rival, that’d be a fun twist.

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