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Ø Is For Øverwritten 19/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 19/60 published on 8 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 19/60

The ebook of Leif & Thorn Volume 4: Blazing Stars is now available to everyone!

Along with party crashers, fire storms, culture clashes, and Kolpovision winners…this book has the story of How Rowan Met Archie.

Archie: . . . had to make it policy — don’t ask any of your co-workers if you can touch their wings!

Rowan: You know, I’d let you touch mine.

Archie: I might take you up on that.

Rowan: . . . and don’t think I didn’t catch those lines where you plagiarized your own early work!

Archie: Look, if it was a moving speech on Doctors, But Sexier, it’ll be just as moving on MCLIS!

. . . know you like the songs, but you have to listen to the full album — experience the whole thing, right, how all the pieces fit together —

— before you can really love it.

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Awwww, soft focus glow in the snow.

Countdown to them almost kissing and then getting interrupted by whatever problem Violet and Atarangi are about to get into…

Nah, too predictable. They’ll get to kiss, then the problem will start wreaking havoc.

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