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Ø Is For Øverwritten 2/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 2/60 published on 11 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 2/60

New exclusive for patrons! Behind-the-scenes post on the development of the Little White-Haired Girl.

Her first appearance in the online archive has been replaced — this post has sketches, notes, and the original, non-redrawn version.

Rowan: I don’t really go out to eat — at least, not the kind of place that — Can I do some research and get back to you?

Archie: Of course! I have full faith in your research. Also — it is really cute how you like to call everything “research.”

#rmuscade (texting): Violet help, where do classy people eat on dates? But also a place that’s still cool if it’s not a date??

Rowan: Th-thanks. I know you don’t like seafood . . . anything else I should look for?

Archie: Well, um. It has to be a place with space for . . . well. Kind of an entourage?

Rowan: A what now? I . . . thought it would be just you and me.

Archie: Sorry, no . . . Since the creepy threats got worse, the network doesn’t want me so much as getting the mail without security.

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I like how fancy the train windows are.

In the chapter title, is that a zero?

It’s an Ø, which, in our world, is used in several Scandinavian languages to represent mid-front rounded vowels, and is the International Phonetic Alphabet for a mid-front closed rounded vowel. Examples of mid-front closed rounded vowels include:

The “eu” in the word French word bleu
The “ö” in the German schön
certain accents in England and Wales (e.g. Geordies and Cardiffians) pronounce the i in bird as a mid-front closed rounded vowel.

EDIT: Additionally, it’s the ø in Sønska.

This seems like the sort of thing celebrities have personal assistants for, someone with the credentials to call ahead at a place and confirm that they can meet the client’s security requirements. Is Archie in a position that would have that kind of service? Alternatively, does being a knight give Rowan enough clout that he can make VIP arrangements for his date and the restaurant would accommodate?

I’d guess Archie does have personal assistants that can do that, and at least one will probably check out any place that Rowan selects to make sure it’s reasonable. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that celebrities would all be inclined to just delegate the selection of a place to eat to an assistant when one of their friends asks them out to eat.

I would think the question is, should Rowan be looking for reservations for x+entourage, or reservations for x and also entourage (possibly separated into pieces)? Also, the other question is, “how big of an entourage”, because establishments generally can’t say for certain they can handle the extra people unless they have an estimate for the number of extra people. I get that Archie’s a bit nervous about talking about this aspect of things, but it’s information Rowan will need to know if he’s going to have a high likelihood of being successful in his search.

Though, *we* don’t. So I’d guess it won’t be depicted, but it’s just one of those things I tend to be mindful of. I’ve been to one of those dinner for two that turned into dinner for seven encounters, though it wasn’t specifically arranged like that. The restaurant was very helpful in dealing with the surprise dinner guests, but we were basically at their limit for dealing with it.

(For the curious, the other person mentioned the visit to various mutual friends, most of whom decided to come along. But nobody told me or the restaurant ahead of time. It wasn’t intended to be a date, so it was fine, but also crowded and a fire code violation.)

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