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Ø Is For Øverwritten 20/60

Ø Is For Øverwritten 20/60 published on 11 Comments on Ø Is For Øverwritten 20/60

Please imagine Petal’s voice as “James Spader doing Alan Shore.”

…I feel like Sepal’s voice also has some direct inspirations, but none of the names are coming to mind.

Sepal: You think this guy is for real, huh, Petal?

Petal: “Real” is such a slippery word, Sepal. But I don’t think he’s more of a fraud than anyone else trying to impress a date.

Sepal: So . . . I should run him through with my heartsword, or no?

Petal: Not just yet. If that changes, I’ll let you know.

For now, our priority is keeping an eye on any passers-by who seem like they’d want Mr. Stavros to — oh, how did that last message so charmingly put it? — “choke on a toothbrush and die.”

Good news is, when it comes to magic threats, we’re in the clear! I did a few scans, and haven’t come up with any.

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…I’ve said worse to people I consider found family. I thought we were looking at actual active threats.

Context is everything.

“Why don’t you go die in a fire?” from a good friend = haha, I succeeeded in playfully annoying them!
“Why don’t you go die in a fire?” from an acquaintance = holy fucking shit, they must be super pissed and I’m going to start either yelling or crying
“Why don’t you go die in a fire?” from a stranger = ALARM BELLS ALARM BELLS DEFUSE THE SITUATION AND GET AWAY
“Why don’t you go die in a fire?” from a stalker who has previously made OTHER threats*? …Yeah, that’s a different story.

*which may well have been higher up the threat index than ‘choke on a toothbrush’, thereby elevating THIS threat’s seriousness as well

(Also, the specificity makes me wonder if the letter followed the airing of an episode where someone choked on a toothbrush and died. It seems like the kind of zinger you might use on a writer. ‘I hope you die like this thing you wrote’ definitely carries it’s own weight of uh-ohness.)

Is Sepal from Sønheim? Have we met a Sønheic heartsword wielder yet?

They’re “from” Ceannis, but they’re ethnically Sønheic, yes!

One of Thorn’s pre-dragon team members, Edith, was Sønheic. So we’ve seen her in the occasional flashback/memory. (She had a heart-rapier.)

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